4 Ways to Build Strong Violin Habits

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4 Ways to Build Strong Violin Habits

It all begins with good posture and mechanics.

1. Be sure to hold the violin and bow correctly. Also, make sure the movement is smooth and effective in both arms and hands. If you practice with a slumped stance and bad mechanics on a frequent basis, then this will become your habit. By using a posture corrector, you can better improve your form. 

2. Develop a habit of playing in tune.  When learning something new, play it slowly enough that you are playing every note correctly. When you accelerate it, while picking fingerings that are comfortable for your hand, continue to play it in tune. You run the risk of landing in the wrong position, which itself could become a habit, if your fingerings require you to stretch and strain. Stick to your fingerings once you pick them. While keeping this in mind, you must routinely build the strength of your fingers. You can do so by using a finger exerciser, which will allow you to play your fingerings with more ease. 

3. Use good bowings and adhere to them. When you go up-bow, when you go down-bow, when you slur several notes together, play staccato, etc., it is important to know when to do these- so that you can be secure in your movements. Choosing the bowings and fingerings and sticking to them at all times while practicing without any adjustment is extremely necessary. Once you select the bowings and fingerings that feel natural to you, and you do not alter them, you will learn the piece faster, and it will also be faster when you have to relearn it.

4. Repeat the right version more times than you have played the incorrect version when fixing errors during practice. The repetition doesn't count if you make the mistake again. It needs to become your new routine to get the right version.

By keeping these habits in mind, you'll be strengthening your abilities in no time.