Must Have Guitar Gadgets

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Must Have Guitar Gadgets

Learning to play the guitar can feel like a daunting task. With 6 strings and 24 frets, its no wonder why learning to play guitar can feel complicated. Luckily, there are plenty of awesome gadgets that make learning how to play so much easier! 

Here is our list of guitar gadgets that can help you play better!   

Finger Exerciser: One of the hardest parts of learning how to play guitar is gaining muscle and flexibility in your fingers. When playing guitar, your fingers have to be placed in positions that require practice to gain muscle. By using a finger exerciser you can speed up the process of building up the necessary muscle. 

Grip & Strength Builder: This gadget also allows you to build the necessary strength, but focuses more on the strength of your grip. Having a stronger grip will make learning to play guitar much easier. 

Chord Buddy: We cannot express this enough, a Chord Buddy is the single best tool to learn how to play guitar. The Chord Buddy allows you to place the tabs in a position to create a chord. Having the large tabs pressing down on the strings makes learning chords a breeze! This gadget not only allows you to build the necessary muscles in your fingers, but gives you the muscle memory of remembering finger placement for chords. 

Thumb Wrap Guitar Picks: Learning how to properly hold a guitar pick can quickly become frustrating. Using guitar picks that wrap around your thumb makes playing guitar so much easier! These are a great accessory to use when learning guitar, as it makes strumming with a pick a much more simple endeavor. 

Clip On Tuner: When learning to play guitar, the majority of songs you will be learning require standard tuning. Having a clip on tuner will allow you to always be able to quickly check that your guitar is properly tuned. This is important while learning new chords, as it allows you to make sure you are playing correctly and your chords sound just right. 


Here at Stringily, we understand that learning to play the guitar can be a difficult process. Our list of the top 5 guitar gadgets are meant to expose you to products that make learning to play the guitar so much easier. Don't let the intimidation of learning hold you back! There are plenty of items out there that will help you learn along the way.

Thanks for reading, now get out there and play!