Stings, Styles and Music..

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Stings, Styles and Music..

What You Should Take Into Consideration?

Selecting the right guitar style relies on some factors. The essential choices for guitar are acoustic electric, acoustic, solid body electric jazz electric and classical. Other variations exist, however, these remain the key choices.

1) Your Guitaring Skill Level & Experience

In case you are an amateur then your goal should first be to get yourself a simple to play guitar. Some physical awkwardness, as well as finger pain, often impedes beginners’ learning process. It is just difficult to get accustomed to pushing down strings as you hand becomes contorted so as to make another chord that you are currently learning. Most new students throw in the towel after only several weeks because it pains too much. A good classical guitar bearing nylon strings often ease the pain on the finger. Another excellent selection is a very hard body electric whose “action” is very close which means that all the frets can be found near to the instrument’s fretboard. Alternatively, if you are in a position to afford one, a great acoustic bearing close action would be ideal.

2) Your Preferred Music Style / Genre

The second determining factor is your favorite music style. And for this one again several choices exist. If Rock is your favorite genre, then an electric guitar accompanied by an amplifier with several built-in effects for sound will be most suited for you. This will also work if you would rather play the lead guitar manner that comes with country music. Folk, country, the soft rock where chords are mainly needed for you to play can be achieved in the best way by use of an acoustic electric or acoustic guitar. Classical guitars, either electric or plain are the best to use for classical or Latin music where there is much finger picking. If you prefer jazz, then an electric guitar for jazz is the best as you will get top play jazz chords very easily and with comparatively close action as well up to its neck.

Why You Should Choose Your Styles?

Some guitar players may feel confused and encountered some difficulties in selecting the suitable guitar playing styles that they should focus on.

And the problem is that most of the guitarists or singers might come across and capable of playing many types of music genre.

In my opinion, you should choose one or two styles that you will be focusing on if you want to be famous in the music industry. No singer/guitarist that are famous in multiple genres.

4 Different Guitar Playing Styles

There are four most common styles of guitar playing that every guitarist learned.

1) Rhythm Guitar

Rhythm guitar playing style is typically played to accompany the melody sung by a singer. And it’s the most used guitaring style for the singer who always performs their song that needs to be accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

t is played by grabbing the chord shape/riff position with left-hand and the right-hand strums the guitar strings with a pick to generate the musical melody of the song. If you put rhythm guitar into a band, it will become a powerful musical instrument to accompany and harmonize all the sounds played in the band. It will further harmonize and rhythmize the whole performance of the band itself.

The most suitable types of the guitar to play this kind of rhythm style are acoustic guitar and hollow body electric guitar.

2) Lead Guitar

It is the most difficult guitar playing style for guitarists. And it the most advanced guitar skill that you must learn if you want to become a professional singer that can sing and play guitar like John Mayer.

The lead guitar playing style always utilized in playing the main melody lines and riffs of the song itself. It’s the advanced guitar technique that you can consider to master, as it will improve your overall solo performance if you can play a guitar solo part into your song.

For Rock, Jazz or Blues music genres, the electric guitar is more suitable for that. However, if it’s for Folk, Celtic kind of genres, you should use the steel string acoustic guitar instead.

3) Fingerpicking Guitar

The fingerpicking style is used to accompany the vocalist and lead instrument. It is performed by being the left-hand holding a chord shape, and the right-hand fingers are picking/plucking the strings with the fingernails to generate the music and melody. For some advanced guitar players, they can play the full range of chords, bass lines, and melodies at the same time merely by utilizing this fingerpicking technique.

This is the most advanced and important style that every singer and guitarist needed to master. You can play the easily entire song by yourself without been accompanied by any other musical instrument. It’s the perfect style you can use for your solo performance. And it’s suitable for many types of music genre such as Blues, Celtic Folk, Pop, Country, Jazz, Latin and many other music genres.

4) Slide Guitar

The slide guitar playing style is most suitable for the blues, country and rock music. It is performed by placing a slide on one of the fingers that control the chord shape and with another hand strumming or plucking the strings. The guitar player always moves the slide along the strings to create more vibrating pitches.


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