Tips for Beginner Guitar Players

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Tips for Beginner Guitar Players

Taking up a new passion or hobby is daunting, and there's nothing wrong with seeking some help to get you started. Here are some of our fast and easy tips to aid you in your new guitar journey:

1. Keep it entertaining! 

That's your main goal as a beginner, so if you want to learn some songs from your favorite band that are way too hard,  but you're going to love it anyway - then do it! Keep it fun! I would also suggest that you stick to a practice schedule as best you can.  Which leads us to the next tip...

2. Divide your time on guitar into 2 parts - Study and Fun

If you want to make steady and noticeable progress, we recommend you try to find 30 mins a day to play. It's suggested that you do 15 minutes of 'practice' (preferably 3 x 5-minute practice sessions) and the other 15 minutes on whatever you like! It could be the same material, it could be a part of it that you really enjoy, or a new song - no matter what it is - as long as it's fun!

3. Prevent pain in your fingers

When they start out, you should expect them to be sore for a few weeks, but NOT painful. Everyone gets sore fingertips. You're pushing too hard if they hurt, you're doing too much too fast - or you purchased a guitar with strings too high from a fretboard.
In the early weeks of your journey, take it easy and help the skin to toughen up!

Try changing the 'setup' if soreness continues, so the strings are closer to the frets, and just only apply pressure when you need to!

4. It's about making time for practice, not talent! 

All the great guitarists practice a lot.  You can certainly advance quicker than someone who practices 15 minutes a day if you practice 3 hours a day - but a novice shouldn't do more than 30 minutes a day for the first few weeks, at least.

5. Play rather than worry   

Many seem to spend more time looking at reviews of guitars and effects than practicing. Inevitably, they end up with "all the gear and no idea" and with their playing, most feel frustrated and dissatisfied. New equipment is not going to help you play better, but practice can. And it typically helps less to worry about it than to do it - so get the guitar in your hands as regularly as you can!


If you utilize these 5 simple tips, you'll see that you're making fast and easy progress with your guitar playing.