Guitar Capo

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Guitar Capo Guitar Capo Guitar Capo Guitar Capo Guitar Capo Guitar Capo
Guitar Capo Guitar Capo Guitar Capo Guitar Capo Guitar Capo Guitar Capo

Guitar Capo

$11.99 0% OFF
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You use a capo to reduce the length of your guitar’s strings, which allows you to play music at higher notes. Our Guitar Capo designed and constructed with the finest aluminum does a great job of clamping down on a guitar’s fingerboard.

  • Rust and corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Easy to adjust for achieving the right pitch
  • One centimeter wide by eight centimeters long
  • Soft rubber pads prevent scratches

All you need is one hand to operate the Guitar Capo, which means you can manipulate guitar strings using your other hand. The shiny appearance exudes an elegant panache that stands out for all the right fashionable reasons. Our capo makes a great gift for the aspiring guitarist in your family.

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